Agricultural Training Institutes train agricultural middle level manpower for the public and the private sectors in the country. It is therefore important to ensure that students have behavior acceptable by the nation and society they live in. The following are rules and regulations in which the students will have to abide by throughout the time of training at the institute. Failure to observe these rules and regulations may lead to disciplinary actions taken against the student concerned.


1.1. All lectures and practical sessions are compulsory, and punctuality must be observed at all times. It will be up to the student to produce supporting document in case of lateness or absenteeism.

1.1.1. Notwithstanding, the contents in section 1.1. a student reporting late for lecture or practical session will not be allowed to join the on going session.

1.2. All students must report to the Warden on the date of arrival and departure for mid-term, annual leave or leave of absence.

Students reporting late to the institute without proper reason will have violated this rule and will be punished accordingly.

1.3. Each student must participate in all self-reliance activities and any other compulsory activities during his/her stay at the Institute.

1.4. Each student must fully participate in sports, games and social activities. It should be the responsibility of the student to take care of the use of the borrowed sports/games equipment/gear.

1.5. Smoking is prohibited in all public places such as classrooms, library, dining hall, and hostels.

1.6. Noises are not allowed in the Institute premises.

1.7. Cleanliness and appropriate clothing must be observed during classes and practical sessions, meal times and at any other time in the Institute premises. Examples are.

– Sandals

– Boots- inappropriately worn

– Shorts, pants

– Unbuttoned shirts.

– Loosely worn trousers (mlegezo)

– Transparent gowns, trousers, skirts, blouse and shirt

– Skin tights

1.8. Cleanliness in and around classrooms areas and common rooms is the responsibility of the students.

1.9. Possession of mobiles phones is prohibited during classes and practical sessions


2.1. The kitchen is out of boundto all students at all times except when on duty.

2.2. Matters pertaining to food/dining hall must be channeled through the students food committee, the catering officer, the warden, and finally to the Principal.

2.3. Food will be served and consumedin the dining hallonly. Special requests such as cases of illness should be channeled by the student representative from food committee to Catering Officer.

2.3.1. Meals will be served at times laid down by the Institute. Special

request for meals to be served at other times than those laid down by the Institute should be made in advance to the catering officer.

2.4. Meals should not be served to visitors

2.5. No practical or sports clothes shall be worn in the dining hall at all times and specifically during meals times.

2.6. Students who will not be present during meals time should register theirnames to the student�s representative from Food Committee who will submit the names to the Warden.

2.7. No Special diet will be served.

2.8. Student must observed table manners and cafeteria regulations in the dining hall.

2.9. Students are not allowed to bring in food from outside to the dining hall.

2.10. Students are not allowed to take meals apart from that served in the institute


3.1. Students are responsible for the cleanliness of the hostels and their surroundings.

3.2. Students are not allowed to enter rooms / hostels of fellow students of the opposite sex.

3.3. Students are prohibited to allow people of the opposite sex to enter into their rooms / hostels

3.4. Electrical appliances e.g. radios, lap top computer, television, music system, etc. may only be used in the hostels after obtaining a written permission from the warden.

3.5. Radios, music system, Television can only be usedduring free time up to 10.00 pm. The volume should at all times be low, in order not to disturb other students.

3.6. Intoxicating drinks should not be taken or kept in the hostels

3.7. Cooking and heating/boiling in hostels are prohibited.

3.8. Fittings and installations should not be defaced, interfered with and must be left intact

3.9. Students would not be allowed outside the Institute compounds after 6.00 pm.

3.10. Electrical appliances such as electrical cookers, pressing irons, heaters are prohibited in the hostels.

3.11. Ironing should be done in the laundry room/ allowed places only

3.12. Noises are not allowed in the hostels


4.1. Visitors can only be entertained in the students� common room up to 6.00 pm. beyond which timethey will not be allowed to be within the institute premises.

4.2. All students are responsible for the good care and use of equipment issued during training and any other public property. Examples of misuse are leaving lights or water tapes on without reason. Examples of public properties are chairs, windows, doors, books, bicycles, etc.

4.3. Drunken behavior and misuse of drugs are not allowed in the Institute premises.

4.4. Possession of any drugs without any valid prescription from a permitted practitioner (Nurse/Doctor) is not permitted.

4.5. No student is allowed to see a private doctor for treatment unless at the recommendation from the in charge of the dispensary/ government hospital.

4.6. Students wishing to spend a night outside the Institute must have prior permission from the Principal. No student will be allowed to spend a night outside his/her room.

4.7. Abusive language at any time is prohibited

4.8. Pregnancy during training is not allowed

4.9. Male student responsible for pregnancy of female student will be liable to punishment.

4.10. Abortion is not allowed.

4.11. Fighting and or causing bodily injury is prohibited

4.12. Stealing is prohibited

4.13. A student is not allowed to commit a criminal offence

4.14. Riots, strikes, unlawful demonstrations are prohibited and any student who is proved to be a ring leader will be liable to severe punishment and other students will be punished accordingly.

4.15. Assault by a student to a staff member or a member of his family is prohibited.

4.16. Staff quarters and the community centres are out of bound.

4.17. Any social or religious function should be channeled through the Warden and approved by the Principal

4.18. Student attention is drawn to the Government regulations and Agreement form TFN 451/452 on the training policies.

4.19. Any student who is proved to collaborate with another student in the commitment of an offence or makes conditions conducive for the offence to be committed shall be regarded as having committed the offence and shall be punished accordingly.