Igabiro Goat unit

Welcome to Igabiro TIA Goat unit, this is among the nine (Forestry, Pig, Cattle, Rabbit, Poultry, horticulture, Tree nursery, Banana, Cereals- Legumes) Training and Production Units of Igabiro Training Institute of Agriculture (ITIA/ATI). This unit comprises of Dairy goats which are mainly the Alpine and some crosses of Toggernburg. This flock size currently is 65 goats.

This unit was established for the main purposes which are:

-Training: It is one of livestock domain where students being at Igabiro, they always have the opportunities to practice goat husbandry practices like feeding, diseases treatment and prevention, castration, dehorning, nursing, housing, breeding and general management aspects. This is done by organizing and allowing the students to attend the unit in particular groups in early morning and late evening practical (means before and after theory sessions) to enhance the understanding and build competences in goat husbandry and production.
Production: The unit practically produces milk, meat and manure which are the essential human food and fertilizer. The prices of these produces are as follows:
600/= Tsh per litre of fresh milk, 5000/= Tsh.per kg meat (but farm price =4500 Tsh), 150,000 per female mature goat (as parent stock) and 70,000/= Tsh per 3 tons of goat manure (one trailer tractor of 60hp)
Potentiality: Our goats are more prolific, high growth rate, good milkers and good meat quality.

-One goat is capable of producing 1.5 per day including feeding its kid(s)
-In most cases our goats produce more than one kid at a time (twins)
-Some of our experiences have shown that, these goats can produce twice a year.
-In a period of 1.5-2 years age, a male goat may produce more than 85kg live weight (around 46kg) of meat (slaughter weight).
-The meat produces no offensive smell like in local goats.
-A live experience, in a period of January-June 2017 (6months) our goat unit has supplied 1.1tons of fresh milk to its esteemed customers within the farm community and the surroundings.
Community benefits: Igabiro community and the neighbors is benefiting by purchasing quality fresh milk especially for nourishing children and aged people at a reasonable price, meat and manure and more important is that the demand from different farmers has increased where a number parent goats have purchased by farmers from different areas in Kagera region and other neighboring regions after being convinced with our products.
Remember, “a goat is a cow of a poor person” I heard these words from one of my lecturers some years back, which I have come to realize as truth after the practice at Igabiro.
You are all welcome to explore, evaluate and invest in this affordable and resoucesiful goat project at ITIA.